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JDC ULTIMATE HEAVY DUTY Waterpoof Motorcycle Cover

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Ultimate Heavy Duty - L Top Box
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Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover: The Ultimate From JDC

Heavy duty motorcycle cover is an essential if your pride and joy is going to survive the unpredictable winter weather and be ready for you to ride when you need it the most. Choosing the right cover for your motorbike is just as essential as picking the perfect safety gear for yourself. Going without a cover is really not an option if your motorbike is kept outside. Compromising on the quality of protection you offer your bike can mean costly repairs, servicing and maintenance in the long run, not to mention lost riding time. So, why is a cover so important and how do you choose between the plethora that are on offer?

Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Motorbike Cover

The JDC Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is the best way to protect your bike from the harsh effects of rain, sleet and snow. It also offers several other valuable benefits:

  • Because your bike is covered, it's far less likely to be targeted by an opportunist thief.
  • It's an effective barrier against dirt, debris and road salt thrown up by any trucks, vans and cars that pass.
  • If you need to store your motorbike, the heavy duty motorcycle cover will keep it in top condition until you want to use it again.
  • Summer sun can be as damaging to your bike's paintwork as winter weather. The Ultimate Heavy Duty Motorbike Cover prevents UV rays from causing colour fade.

Our Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is a further development of our award-winning Ultimate Rain bike cover. Customers asked for a premium product, so we got together with our manufacturing experts to find a solution.

What we came up with isn't just a thicker skin. Yes, it's around twice as thick as leading competitors, but the specialist PVC outer coating is also stronger. Superior weather performance is combined with enhanced abrasion resistance. Yet flexibility is retained. In spite of the heavier material, it's still just as easy to put on and take off.

It's a JDC motorcycle product, so of course it's also great value. By dealing direct with our customers, rather than through distributors, we can offer top quality waterproof heavy duty motorcycle covers UK wide at prices other brands just can't match.

Why A JDC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

The Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof motorbike cover is available to fit sports bike and nakeds, supermotos and dirt bikes. A comprehensive selection of sizes means there's very little we don't cover! The size chart below gives you a quick and easy reference.

Key Benefits of the Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover:

  • We guarantee every small or large motorcycle cover is 100% waterproof.
  • The combination of hard-wearing polyester, plus our special PVC coating, creates a unique skin that's tough, weather-proof, yet retains user-friendly flexibility.
  • On the inside we've added heat-resistant silvered panels. They're rated to 220°C, so you can cover your bike without needing to wait for engine or exhausts to cool.
  • Extra protection for your motorbike's paintwork is given by a soft, scratch-proof fabric lining.
  • On some cheap motorbike covers, seams can be a weakness. We double-stitch ours, then permanently bond the edges with heat-sealed tape for even greater strength. An elasticated string cord rim runs around the bottom edge keeping the cover fitted to your bike, this can be tightened to adjust the size of the cover to suit your motorcycle. A covered pocket at the back of the cover holds any excess string keeping it off the floor and out of the rain.
  • At the front and rear of the heavy duty motorcycle cover we've built in reinforced 'eyes' so you can quickly pass a shackle or cable through to lock your bike. We didn't just think of weather protection, we thought of security too!
  • Up by the handlebars, unique vents provide ventilation. The clever design releases trapped moisture that might damage your bike, but won't let outside water in.
  • An additional strap and quick-release buckle is fitted to the underside of the cover to prevent it being lifted by strong winds.
  • If you have fitted luggage, our extra large waterproof motorcycle cover can accommodate a top box of up to 52 litres, or 30cm tall x 59cm wide x 45cm deep. Many styles of panniers will also be protected.
  • The Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is matt black and comes in an equally tough zip-up bag, so it's easy to keep tidy and out of the way when not being used.

Purchasing Heavy Duty Motorcycle Covers UK

Whether purchasing an XL motorcycle cover or any other product online, it is not just the quality of the item you need to consider, but also the experience and reputation of the company you buy from. Choosing one with a commitment to high quality customer service is essential. Not only does this ensure that you get exactly what you order, but also that any questions, queries or concerns are dealt with in a timely and professional manner. The company you purchase any item, like a regular or extra large motorcycle cover, should have numerous points of contact and offer a quick response time. They should have a proven track record of providing the goods and services that you are looking for. Checking customer reviews and testimonials on independent third-party sites is the best way to ensure that you achieve this. Checking social media feeds for customer reactions, updates and general customer services also helps to give you peace of mind that you are dealing with an experienced and professional supplier. Other aspects that set the best companies apart from the rest is access to free UK delivery and affordable world-wide shipping. A commitment to privacy and security are also signs of a superior motorcycle clothing and accessories supplier. A variety of secure online payment options should be available to customers, along with a clear privacy policy and returns policy, just in case you change your mind, or find that the item is not quite what you need.

JDC Products Provide The Only Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover You Will Ever Need

At JDC Products, our business is built on a foundation of excellence. We take pride in the quality of the products we sell and in our approach to customer services from the very first point of contact. We offer everything you need to improve the safety and security of your motorbike, and your riding experience, from clothing and accessories to our heavy duty motorcycle cover. To learn more about our covers or any other products from our range, visit https://www.jdc-products.co.uk/. If you have questions about our stock or our services, then contact us through our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.