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JDC ULTIMATE RAIN Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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Short Description

Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: Protection From All Weather Conditions

Waterproof motorcycle cover protection is an essential for your motorbike to shield it from all weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow and direct sunlight. As well as protecting your valuable motorcycle from the direct effects of such conditions, a high-quality, heavy duty motorcycle cover can prevent theft, dirt and other forms of damage, including dents and scratches. However, it is important to choose your cover carefully, selecting one that is made to a high quality and that fits your machine perfectly. An ill-fitting cover can create problems of its own, particularly in windy conditions where the wind can lift the edges, or even cause the cover to be blown away.

Why Choose A JDC Ultimate Waterproof Motorbike Cover

Protecting your motorbike from the weather is an essential part of its care and maintenance. Where motorbikes are left open to the elements, not only can the exterior but also internal working parts can be affected. The JDC Ultimate Waterproof Motorbike Cover does a superb job of protecting your motorbike from extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow. But it does much more than that: it is also an excellent theft deterrent, making it much harder for those passing by to be attracted by your bike's specifications. It also makes the bike harder to access, meaning that you are more likely to be alerted to any potential threat of opportunistic theft or damage before it is too late. Other benefits of our excellent motorbike cover include:

  • If you park on the street, a waterproof cover shields your bike from the dirt and grime thrown up by passing vehicles.
  • If your motorbike is in storage, the cover will keep the dust off.
  • In summer a motorbike cover prevents harmful sunlight from bleaching your paintwork.

Our Ultimate Rain Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is the result of extensive research and testing. As bikers ourselves, we could see the weaknesses in what was available. We knew we could create something better.

The result isn't just a waterproof breathable motorcycle cover with superior all-weather performance, it's better value too. Because we sell direct, we can offer savings of 30% or more over equivalent models from other well-known brands.

In a review of the top 17 waterproof bike covers available, RIDE Magazine recommended the JDC Ultimate Rain. After testing for water resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and ease-of-use, it beat competitors costing more than twice as much!

Key Benefits Of The Ultimate Rain Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Available in a wide range of sizes (shown below), the Ultimate Rain motorbike cover fits all modern sports bikes, nakeds, and the vast majority of dirt bikes and supermotos.

Key Benefits of the Ultimate Rain Motorcycle Cover:

  • Absolutely 100% waterproof, guaranteed.
  • The tough polyester outer skin is coated with polyurethane for increased weather resistance. It adds durability, yet remains flexible.
  • Interior silvered panels on both sides are heat-resistant to 220°C. You can put the cover on your motorcycle as soon as you park. There's no risk of getting melted plastic on your pride and joy.
  • The fleece-type lining cushions the inside, and prevents your bike's paintwork being scratched.
  • Seams are double-stitched for added strength, then plastic tape is permanently bonded to the surfaces to keep out the elements while still creating the best waterproof motorcycle cover.
  • Reinforced security holes front and back are a useful anti-theft device, allowing for fast attachment of chains, cables or shackle locks. Proper protection for your bike takes moments.
  • Special ventilated handlebar pockets allow harmful condensation to escape, yet still prevent water from getting in.
  • An elasticated string cord rim runs around the bottom edge keeping the cover fitted to your bike, this can be tightened to adjust the size of the cover to suit your motorcycle. A covered pocket at the back of the cover holds any excess string keeping it off the floor and out of the rain.
  • To prevent strong winds lifting the bike cover, an adjustable strap and quick-release buckle have been added underneath.
  • Top box models have extra space for fitted bike luggage up to 52 litres, or a massive 30cm tall x 59cm wide x 45cm deep. There's also enough room to accommodate many kinds of fitted panniers.
  • Subtle matt black finish. This best waterproof motorbike cover is supplied in a strong, zippered bag that makes it easy to store when not in use.

How The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Cover Protects Against Vandalism And Theft

When choosing a waterproof cover for motorcycle use, there are a number of elements you need to consider. These include the size and fit of the cover and whether it can be used with your paniers attached. Other considerations should include any additional safety features that have been built into the cover and the lining that is used. This is significant, as an inappropriate cover lining can damage paintwork, causing scratching and pitting in the paint. However, another consideration is how well the cover can protect against vandalism and theft. One of the difficulties with motorbikes is that, left uncovered, they are a magnet to opportunistic thieves and those who delight in damaging the property of others. Investing in the best quality large or XXL waterproof motorcycle cover available can act as an important deterrent. Firstly, it makes your motorbike less obvious to passers-by, meaning it is less likely to be picked out as a potential target. Secondly, the cover provides an extra layer of security, particularly if it is designed to be used with a security chains or locks. Anyone attempting to lift or remove the cover to see what is underneath risks being seen and therefore caught. Using a cover can also protect against damage caused from a distance, from deliberately thrown objects and liquids to stones and other such objects that can be lifted by the wind or passing traffic.

Look No Further Than JDC Products For Your Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

The company you choose to provide your waterproof motorcycle cover is just as important as the cover itself. When you choose JDC Products, you are assured of the quality of both our products and our customer service. Find the waterproof motorcycle cover that is right for you at https://www.jdc-products.co.uk/, where you can also browse for clothing and other accessories that improve your riding experience. If you have any questions about any of our products, leave us a message via our contact page, and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.