About JDC Products

JDC Products supplies a wide range of Motorcycle clothing and accessories. Each product is carefully designed to suit the need of modern riders. We know that a key product to most motorcyclists in today's day and age is waterproof covers, so over the years, this has become our speciality.

Here at JDC Products, aside from specializing in waterproof motorcycle covers, we are also expert designers of a range of products which are carefully manufactured to improve your overall motorcycling experience.

The areas in which we have created products are:


We have worked hard to create top quality products capable of delivering great results at all times. When you make a purchase with us at JDC Products, you can be certain that we do not cut corners with the materials we use during the manufacturing process, leading to an expertly crafted garment of clothing every single time. Whether you are of a large build or sport a leaner figure, you will have no trouble in finding the clothing for you. We cover all sizes here!

If you are looking to purchase garments for your upper body, your lower body, your head or your neck area, we’ve got you covered. With a huge range of different products available, we have something to suit even the pickiest riders!

Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

At times when you need to shield your bike from the elements, be that the wind, rain or direct sunlight comes the need for an expertly produced Waterproof cover from JDC Products. Our covers also do a great job of protecting your bike against theft and unwanted scratches. Carefully decide which is cover is the perfect fit for you from the store, and secure your purchase today!


At JDC, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing products which are fit for everyday motorcycle use, which is why we offer two different rucksacks to all of our customers. Depending on when you most commonly ride, you can choose a rucksack accordingly. We offer both waterproof rucksacks as well as reflective rucksacks capable of illuminating you in dark areas.

The reflective rucksacks we offer come in three different colours and you can select your preference. You can pick your favourite design colour, from Black, Yellow and White.


Safety and comfortability when riding are of paramount importance to us here at JDC Products and we have created a great quality, value for money helmet which will improve the riding experience of new and experienced riders alike. Our helmet comes with a clear visor fitted as standard; however, we do offer a black tinted visor which you can purchase in our store.

Similarly, to our rucksacks, we offer all of our helmets in Black, Yellow and White so cars can easily identify you as a motorcyclist, even in the distance.


We take Motorcycle security very seriously here at JDC. After all, nobody wants their prized possession being ridden off down the street by a stranger. We offer the following products to ensure that this does not happen.

  • Heavy Duty Chain Lock (1m, 1.5m, 2m lengths)
  • JDC Jaws Motorcycle Alarm
  • JDC Sphere Motorcycle Ground Anchor

JDC Products is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service at all times. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by uploading a support ticket on the website, or via email and we will deal with your query in a professional, timely manner.