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JDC Jaws Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

JDC Jaws Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

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110DB Loud alarm siren

Water and weatherproof

7mm Pushdown locking pin

Suitable for disc brakes with a thickness of up to 7mm

Comes with 2x sets of spare batteries, 2x keys and an allen key

Maintenance: Spray lubricant in the lock every 3 months to keep in good working order

How to use:

Self arming, just click in the key barrel, a beep will inform you the lock is armed.

After 15 seconds the alarm will be activated.

If the alarm senses shock or movement then it will sound a beep as a warning, if further movements are sensed within 5 seconds then the alarm will sound until the movement stops.

After 35 seconds with no further vibrations the alarm will stop and automatically re-arm itself.

Can be quickly disarmed by using the key to unlock.

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