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JDC Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

JDC Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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JDC Ultimate Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

JDC’s range of award-winning, 100% waterproof motorcycle covers is the result of extensive research and testing. As bikers ourselves we could see the weaknesses in what was available, and we knew we could create something better.

The results speak for themselves, but JDC motorcycle covers aren’t just better made, they’re better value too. You’ll make savings of 30% or more compared with other well-known brands.

When we say waterproof, we mean it. 100% guaranteed. If you need to park on the street, a JDC motorcycle cover also shields your bike from the dirt and grime thrown up by traffic. Even when the sun’s shining they’re useful, preventing the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your paintwork. Need to store your bike? The JDC motorcycle cover won’t just keep the dust off. The advanced synthetic fabric is breathable and vented, allowing moisture to escape, and so minimizing rust or mould.

The JDC Ultimate Heavy Duty

In case you hadn’t guessed, HD stands for Heavy-Duty. This might just be the toughest waterproof motorcycle cover on the market. It’s based on the Ultimate Rain, which RIDE magazine’s called “almost impenetrable.” It offers interior silvered panels on both sides so you can put the cover on your motorcycle straight away (they’re good for 220°C), and there’s a bonded fleece lining to protect paintwork. The main difference is the advanced, extra heavy-duty outer layer. It weighs a full 2 kg more than the Ultimate Rain, giving you a good idea of just how much additional protection it provides.

Like all JDC Waterproof Motorcycle covers, the Ultimate Heavy Duty also benefits from:

  • Superior Waterproofing Technology. Extra Heavy Duty material which weighs between 4.5kg.
  • New UV resistant fabric which helps reduce against fading over time.
  • An adjustable elasticated cord runs around the bottom edge of the cover keeping it fitted to your bike, this can be adjusted to size to suit your motorcycle. Excess cord is stored in a covered pocket at the back of the cover.
  • Silver Heat resistant panels to 220°C, located on both sides inside the rear of the cover.
  • Plastic taped seams over the stitching inside making it fully waterproof.
  • An adjustable buckle strap in the in the middle to secure the cover underneath ensuring a snug fit, and preventing the cover from lifting in windy conditions.
  • Special ventilated handlebar pockets that allow harmful condensation to escape, while preventing water from getting in.
  • Reinforced front and rear security holes making it easy to fit an anti-theft cable, or chain and padlock. A great theft deterrent.
  • Double stitched seams, giving added strength and durability.
  • A wide range of sizes to fit most motorcycles, including those with a top box of up to 52 litres.
  • A durable zipped bag for compact, easy storage.
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