JDC Windproof Motorcycle Full Face Neck Warmer

JDC Windproof Motorcycle Full Face Neck Warmer

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Windproof, Water Repellent, Breathable

Protects the face and neck against cold weather and the elements

Suitable for motorcyclists, cyclists, walkers and outdoor sports

Made from 3D Sports Fleece

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5 Reviews


Very happy with this neck warmer, the best. Also, excellent customer service. Thank you very much.

Debbie Huckerby

Great value for money and fits nicely under my flip-up helmet and covers down my neck/throat area as I don't like my bike jacket fastened right up. I think if it was bitterly cold and I was doing longer journeys I may need a buff under it but for my 20-30 minute commute it's absolute spot on, thank you!

Miss K. K. Richards

I ordered this item and when it arrived i was very pleased i have ordered this for my husbands anniversary and havnt yet given it to him but i am very certain he is going to be very happy with it. Read original review from amazon:


Its not as warm on the top which allows your head to breath and the side uses that 3d fleece, it wont keep you warm warm but will help under a helmet to keep wind chill off. Im going to use it for walking and camping, i've worked out i can use it as a flap cap style by pulling up and over its self or pull my head through the hole and use it as a neck buffer. Read original review from amazon:


I bought this as a Xmas gift this year. The person receiving the gift said it is very warm/ windproof and no longer needs to layer up with other neck warmers. Read original review from amazon: